0 1E8Kali checks her "wing span" at the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia. The interactive graphic is provided by a donation that was given by the Women's City Club. The graphic allows individuals to step up and spread their arms and match their span to a bird that is listed on the graphic. Kali's span matches a barn owl.




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Visiting the David Traylor Zoo gives guests an opportunity to see wild animals up close and thus gain understanding, appreciation and respect for some magnificent creatures that many people may never get to see in the wild. One way we strive to help animals is by donating to conservation programs, which allows us to play a part in safeguarding the world’s wildlife.

We have a “Coins for Conservation” graphic near the Cotton-top Tamarin exhibit and the coins that are dropped into this plinko style graphic by visitors go directly to conservation efforts around the world.  This interactive graphic, installed in 2009, was a joint effort between U.S. Cellular and Emporia State University. Coins deposited in the center graphic travel a pathway leading to four different countries. Highlighted in each country are species that have been identified as being in need of conservation.

The money collected is donated to further conservation efforts.  The Zoo staff selects the efforts that are supported each year and those have included the Lemur Conservation Foundation, Eurasian Black Vulture Nesting Ecology, Black-footed Ferret Reintroduction in Kansas and the Florida Panther Project to name a few. I hope you will help us with this mission by dropping your coins into the “Coins for Conservation” graphic the next time you visit the Zoo. Each penny we receive is one step closer to saving a species! 


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ESU graphic arts students participated in a contest to design the graphics featuring lemurs and the Eurasian black vulture. Both species are exhibited at the David Traylor Zoo and each has a Species Survivial Plan to ensure their future.