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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 7 a.m. central time
Oasis Campaign Crosses $4.3 Million Mark


Oasis Campaign Co-Chairs Rick Mitchell and Duane Henrikson announced today the Emporia Friends of the Zoo secured its $300,000 Capitol Federal cap-stone challenge grant. They also announced plans to begin four capital projects.
"To say we are excited is an understatement" said Duane Henrikson. "For three years we have been securing gifts and pledges and finalizing construction plans. Four projects are scheduled to begin this year."
Construction of the new Zoo Entrance, Waterfowl Pond & Gardens, signage and Kookaburra exhibits will inaugurate a total of eight capital projects funded by the Oasis Campaign. The signature North American River Otter Exhibit and Hopkins Family Zoo Education Center are scheduled to start construction in 2020 and 2021.
Campaign leaders celebrated the generosity of the Emporia community and its impact on securing out-of-county support.
"Thanks to more than $3.5 million raised locally, we were able to engage regional funders and native sons and daughters," said Rick Mitchell. "Many of these funders would only support the campaign because of the level of local support."
Leadership gifts from the WS & EC Jones Trust, Hopkins Foundation, William & Aloha Preston Trust, Jane & Bernard Reeble Foundation and Trusler Foundation launched the campaign. In addition, more than 130 individuals and businesses contributed $1.7 million.

Annually the David Traylor Zoo is the second most visited site in Emporia. "Last year
93,000 people passed through our gates," said EFOZ President, Bobby Thompson. "We
have zoo members from 82 communities and 19 states."
"The Zoo is a valued and treasured asset of our community," said Campaign Committee
Member Margaret Wright. "The enjoyment, sense of satisfaction, experienced by visitors
is why we describe the Zoo as an oasis."
"The people of Emporia and Lyon County are amazing," said Lisa Keith, Zoo Director. "The
renovated and new assets funded by this campaign will provide new experiences and
happiness to more than hundred thousand visitors a year."


Campaign Leadership Committee:
Honorary Campaign Chair: Richard Bennett. Campaign Co-Chairs: Duane Henrikson &
Rick Mitchell. Committee Members: Erren Harter, Lacie Hamlin, Ryan Kohlmeier, John
Kretsinger, Colleen Mitchell, Maryann Peak, Sharon Tidwell, Bobby Thompson, Rex
Williams, Margaret Wright and Lisa Keith.

* Emporia Friends of the Zoo is a sanctioned 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Gifts to the Zoo are tax deductible.